What is a Bichectomy (Buccal Fat Removal)?

Bichectomy, scientifically known as Buccal Fat Removal, is a cosmetic surgical procedure designed to sculpt the face by selectively removing excess fat pads from the cheeks. This technique specifically targets the buccal fat pads, located in the hollows of the cheeks, to achieve a more contoured and defined facial appearance. The procedure involves making small incisions inside the mouth, ensuring no visible scarring, and carefully extracting the targeted fat deposits. By focusing on enhancing the natural contours of the face, Bichectomy provides individuals with a refined and balanced facial structure.

Bichectomy is not only about physical aesthetics but also about achieving facial harmony. By reducing prominent cheek fullness, individuals can achieve a more sculpted and proportional look. This procedure’s precision makes it a popular choice for those seeking localized facial enhancement, and its effectiveness in achieving natural-looking results has contributed to its rising popularity in the field of facial aesthetics.

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Understanding the intricacies of Bichectomy involves recognizing its transformative potential in sculpting facial features. The procedure is an artful blend of surgical expertise and aesthetic vision, allowing individuals to attain a harmonious and balanced facial appearance.

Bichectomy: At a Glance

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Age Range

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18 35

Operation Duration

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20 minutes 30 minutes






7 days

Final Results

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1 weeks

Back to Work

7 days







 *The values given in this table are approximate. Results may vary from person to person.

Are You a Suitable Candidate for Bichectomy (Buccal Fat Removal)?

Determining suitability for Bichectomy (buccal fat removal) involves a comprehensive evaluation of several factors, including facial anatomy, health status, and individual aesthetic goals. Ideal candidates often express dissatisfaction with excess fullness in their cheeks and seek a more chiseled facial appearance. During consultations at V for Aesthetics, candidates undergo a thorough examination, ensuring they have realistic expectations and understanding the potential outcomes of the procedure.

Candidates for Bichectomy may include individuals with genetically predisposed fuller cheeks or those experiencing age-related changes in facial fat distribution. It is essential for candidates to be in good overall health and have a clear understanding of the procedure’s limitations and potential risks. The personalized approach at V for Aesthetics ensures that candidates are well-informed and prepared for a transformative journey toward achieving their desired facial aesthetics.

Bichectomy’s suitability extends beyond physical aspects, taking into account each individual’s unique facial features, contributing to a more harmonious and proportionate look. This personalized approach aligns with V for Aesthetics’ commitment to delivering optimal and safe outcomes for every patient considering buccal fat removal.

Benefits of Bichectomy (Buccal Fat Removal)

Bichectomy or Buccal Fat Removal, offers a range of benefits beyond its primary goal of facial sculpting. One significant advantage is the procedure’s ability to provide individuals with a more contoured and harmonious facial appearance. By selectively removing excess fat from the buccal pads, Bichectomy enhances cheekbone definition and jawline contour, contributing to an overall more youthful and aesthetically pleasing look.

The benefits of Bichectomy extend beyond physical changes, influencing individuals’ confidence and self-esteem. Many patients report feeling more satisfied with their facial features and enjoy a boost in self-confidence following the procedure. Additionally, the targeted nature of Bichectomy allows for a nuanced approach to facial aesthetics, ensuring that the results appear natural and seamlessly integrated with the individual’s unique features.

Moreover, the procedure’s relatively quick recovery time is another notable benefit. With minimal downtime, individuals can resume their daily activities sooner than with more invasive surgeries. This accessibility and effectiveness make Bichectomy an attractive option for those seeking facial enhancement with minimal disruption to their routine.

How common is Bichectomy?

Bichectomy has seen a surge in popularity in recent years, reflecting the growing interest in facial contouring procedures. While not as widely known as some other cosmetic surgeries, the demand for Bichectomy has increased as individuals seek more targeted solutions for facial fat reduction. This rise in popularity can be attributed to the procedure’s effectiveness in achieving specific aesthetic goals, its relatively straightforward nature, and the positive experiences shared by those who have undergone the surgery.

As more people become aware of the benefits of Bichectomy, its prevalence is likely to continue growing. The procedure’s ability to deliver natural-looking results, coupled with the personalized approach offered by reputable clinics such as V for Aesthetics, contributes to its increasing acceptance within the realm of cosmetic facial enhancements.

How to Prepare for a Bichectomy?

Effective preparation is crucial for a successful Bichectomy experience. Patients at V for Aesthetics receive comprehensive preoperative guidance to ensure they are well-prepared physically and mentally. This preparation often includes lifestyle adjustments, such as discontinuing certain medications and refraining from smoking, to optimize the surgical process and reduce potential risks.

Additionally, patients are educated on realistic expectations, potential outcomes, and the postoperative care required. This preparation phase allows individuals to approach Bichectomy with confidence, knowing they have taken the necessary steps for a smooth and successful procedure. The personalized guidance provided by V for Aesthetics ensures that each patient’s journey is tailored to their specific needs, contributing to a positive and satisfying overall experience.

Bichectomy Surgical Process

The surgical process of Bichectomy is a carefully orchestrated series of steps aimed at achieving precision and safety. The procedure typically begins with a detailed consultation at V for Aesthetics, during which the surgeon assesses the patient’s facial anatomy and discusses their aesthetic goals. Once a customized surgical plan is established, the actual procedure involves making small incisions inside the mouth, ensuring no visible scarring.

Through these incisions, the surgeon meticulously extracts the targeted buccal fat pads, sculpting the desired facial contours. The strategic placement of incisions and the surgeon’s skill contribute to the procedure’s effectiveness and the natural-looking results it delivers. The surgery’s relatively short duration, typically taking a couple of hours, adds to its appeal, providing individuals with a transformative experience with minimal disruption.

Bichectomy Recovery: What to Expect

Understanding the recovery process is crucial for individuals considering Bichectomy. Following the procedure, patients at V for Aesthetics receive detailed postoperative care instructions to navigate the initial healing period successfully. While some swelling and discomfort are normal, these side effects are generally temporary and can be managed with prescribed medications.

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Patients are advised to follow a soft diet initially and avoid strenuous activities during the early stages of recovery. Regular follow-up appointments with the V for Aesthetics team allow for ongoing monitoring of progress and the opportunity to address any questions or concerns that may arise. The comprehensive support provided during the recovery phase ensures that individuals experience a smooth transition toward enjoying their newly enhanced facial features.

Risks of Bichectomy

As with any surgical procedure, Bichectomy carries potential risks and complications. V for Aesthetics prioritizes patient safety and transparency, providing detailed information on potential risks during the preoperative consultations. Common risks include swelling, bruising, and temporary numbness, which are generally temporary and subside as the healing progresses.

Maintaining Long-Term Results: Post-Bichectomy Care

Sustaining the long-term results of Bichectomy requires diligent postoperative care. V for Aesthetics emphasizes the importance of adhering to recommended lifestyle habits, including a balanced diet and regular exercise, to optimize and prolong the outcomes of Bichectomy. Regular follow-up appointments enable our team to monitor progress and address any concerns, ensuring continued satisfaction with the achieved facial harmony.

Bichectomy vs. Traditional Weight Loss

Comparing Bichectomy with traditional weight loss methods highlights the precision and targeted benefits of the former. While weight loss may contribute to overall fat reduction, Bichectomy specifically addresses facial fat, allowing for enhanced facial contours. At V for Aesthetics, we advocate for an informed choice, considering individual goals and preferences.

Results of the Bichectomy: Permanent?

Understanding the permanence of Bichectomy results is crucial for individuals seeking long-lasting facial enhancements. V for Aesthetics acknowledges that while the procedure provides enduring outcomes, factors such as aging and lifestyle choices can influence the longevity of results. Our commitment to transparency ensures that individuals make informed decisions about their aesthetic journey.

Bichectomy Prices

The cost of Bichectomy encompasses various factors, including surgeon fees, facility charges, and postoperative care. V for Aesthetics provides detailed quotes during consultations, ensuring transparency about all associated costs and potential additional fees. While seeking affordability is understandable, prioritizing a qualified and experienced surgeon is paramount for a successful and safe Bichectomy.


Bichectomy in Turkey

Turkey has become a prominent destination for individuals seeking Bichectomy, combining quality medical services with cost-effectiveness. V for Aesthetics, situated in Turkey, offers a unique blend of expertise and cultural richness for individuals seeking facial enhancements. Prospective patients are encouraged to thoroughly research and select accredited clinics and experienced surgeons to ensure a safe and satisfying Bichectomy experience in Turkey.

In conclusion, Bichectomy, presented by V for Aesthetics, stands as an advanced and transformative solution for individuals seeking precise facial contouring. Our commitment to safety, expertise, and personalized care ensures that every patient’s journey towards facial harmony is met with excellence and satisfaction.

Bichectomy Near Me: Discover Facial Sculpting Excellence in Turkey with V for Aesthetics

In the pursuit of facial sculpting and rejuvenation, individuals often seek convenient and reliable options close to their location. If you’re exploring “Bichectomy near me,” look no further than V for Aesthetics, a premier aesthetic clinic located in the heart of Turkey. This article explores the advantages of choosing V for Aesthetics for your Bichectomy journey, combining expertise, personalized care, and the cultural richness of Turkey.

At V for Aesthetics, we understand that proximity and accessibility are essential factors when considering cosmetic procedures. Our clinic’s strategic location in Turkey provides a central and easily accessible destination for individuals seeking Bichectomy. Renowned for its advanced medical infrastructure, Turkey has become a hub for cosmetic surgery, attracting individuals from around the world.

Choosing V for Aesthetics for your Bichectomy ensures not only geographic convenience but also the assurance of expert care. Our team of experienced surgeons specializes in facial aesthetics, and each procedure is tailored to meet the unique needs and goals of the individual. The personalized approach at V for Aesthetics goes beyond the surgical room, fostering a supportive and comfortable environment for every patient.

One of the distinctive aspects of opting for Bichectomy at V for Aesthetics is the cultural richness that Turkey offers. Beyond the world-class medical facilities, patients can immerse themselves in the unique blend of history, tradition, and modernity that Turkey provides. The cultural experience adds a unique dimension to the overall journey, making the Bichectomy experience at V for Aesthetics not just a medical procedure but a transformative adventure.

As you explore “Bichectomy near me,” consider the comprehensive and personalized approach that V for Aesthetics brings to every procedure. Our commitment to excellence, combined with the convenience of our Turkey location, ensures that your journey towards facial harmony is met with satisfaction and confidence. Contact V for Aesthetics today and discover the perfect blend of proximity, expertise, and cultural richness for your Bichectomy experience.

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